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Q. How is it determined as to whether the patient needs a live in caregiver or live out caregiver?

A.The type of service that is required is based upon the specific medical condition of the patient and at the discretion of the family and caregiver. The assessment is made prior to any services being rendered.

Q. What are the requirements for the family to have a live in caregiver, and what are the arrangements in terms of the live in caregiver?

A. The family needs to provide a bedroom for the caregiver to reside in and allow the caregiver to sleep 8 hours per day. Also, the family has to provide part of the daily meals for the caregivers.

Q. What are the arrangements for the live out caregiver?

A.In this case the family is not required to provide meals for the caregiver. The caregivers are also required to have 30 minutes for lunch and 2 breaks of 15 minutes per California labor laws.

Q. What are the responsibilities of caregiver for the patient?

A. – Make sure the patient is safe. Safety of the patient is a top priority.

– Make sure that the right medication is given on time based on the attending physician.

Q. What is the routine of the caregiver for the patient?

A. The caregiver is responsible for personal hygiene first thing in the morning, feeding the patient breakfast as well as assisting the patient to take their medications. If the patient needs to see the doctor the caregiver will assist in transporting the patient to the doctor’s appointment.

Q. Would the caregiver be responsible for cooking for the patient?

A. Depending on the specific issues and nutritional requirements of the patient the caregiver can prepare meals for the patient. This would be agreed upon by the family and the client.

Q. How are the caregivers matched with the patients?

A. – Communication is very important and caregivers are chosen based on the patients personality to have the best match.
– Caregivers are chosen based on experience and patients needs so patients with high demands are matched with more experienced